Gala Cancelled

Dear Swimmers and parents.
Due to the weather and sponsor ships
the gala scheduled for Friday 13  February  and Saturday 14 February has been postponed until further Notice.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience
Yours in swimming
Marlins swimming Club

PointBreak Oanob Swim


See Event Schedule for the Oanob swim 2.1km and 700 meters on 1 March 2009.  This year
there is considerable prize money allotted to help grow the event -  even in
excess of what was achieved at the Jetty Mile in Swakopmund.

Additionally if you are interested in a training off road triathlon session on 28 Feb
2009 let me know or on 260312 (0811271136).  We are going
to be doing this session on the day before the swim and then camp over for
the night.  Oanob resort will also do a spit-braai for us, I need numbers to
make this booking - please let me know if you are interested.

Advance notice - Friedenau Off Road Triathlon 29 March.  Main event:  1.2km
swim, 24 km off road cycle, 8.9 km run.  There is also the half event, u16,
u14 and u12.  Teams and individuals.

see website for previous years photographs

Iron Kids / Kids of Steele, Sizzling Summer Triathlon Season Continues !!

Iron Kids / Kids of Steele, Sizzling Summer Triathlon Season Continues !!
DATE:                 20 February 2009
VENUE:              CLUB HOUSE, Tennis Street, Olympia
TIME:                   T-REX Todds (swims less than 25m à 3+ up to 7years)
                             Entries @ 4pm, START 4:30 pm
                             Iron Kids, Kids of Steele (7years + up to 19 years)
                             Entries @ 4pm, START 5pm (in heats: Jun A & B first)
Entry Fee:      
1. T-Rex Triathlon Group –     N$ 10 –  
2. T-Rex Members:                 N$ 10 –
3. T-Rex Training Tribe /        N$ 20 –
4. Marlins Members:               N$ 20 –
5. Day Participants:                N$ 30 –
Distances:                                                 Swim:         Bike:                    Run:
·        T-Rex Todds                                         10m       1km                100m
o   (IRON KIDS 5 – 12)  
·        8 & Under (5 to 8 years old)             50m         1,3km             400m
·        10 & Under (9+10 years old)           75m         2,6km             800m
·        12 & Under (11 + 12 years old)    100m        3.9km             1200m
·        (KIDS OF STEEL 13 – 19)
·        13-15 (Junior B)                              200m         8km                 1600m
·        16-19 (Junior A)                             200m          8km                1600m