-- Dear Marlins Members , Friends and Swimmers!

A short letter to give you a few Info's and thousand thanks to many

First, I think the Nationals were a huge success for our swimmers. They
all did very well and rewarded all of us with their good times and their
team spirit!!!!!

Anita , also thanks to you, without their trainer they would have never
come so far.

The social come toghether and the sale at  the club house
were fantastic.

Many people were involved , made efforts, worked hard, sponsored time
and money, ate and drunk, and everybody, seemed to me had a lot of fun.

I want to mention a few names, without them we would have never made
this success:

Nakara, and Mr Angeloch were very generous in sponsoring money, so we
could buy all odds and ends.

Mr Loth, from African Catering  gave us a voucher for the warehouse to
get all the nice food.

Klein Windheok Schlachterei sponsored us with the delicious Rohhack.

Raith's Bake and Super Spar baked the Broetchens  , and JB Cooling
delivered the ice.

Wouter Schalken and  Sigrid Roesner sprang in as emergency helpers, to
get some more plates and  more broetchens.

The Kroehler Family organized tables and benches so that everybody could
sit down.

Mr Winkler was my Saviourr, he took over the discussion with the City

Hanne Diekmann, Diana Kaufmann, Sigrid Roesner , Martina Kroehler,
Marion Schalken, Georgine Winkler, Fritz Kaufmann and  Wilfried Poser
were there to make the phantastic Brotchens and they spend their time to
keep the sales running.

Morton Scheuermann was our jumping in guy, he always helped out , so
that we could watch the swimmers.

Marion Schalken did spend a lot of time to do all the shopping, cooked
the spaghetti for the club and created the overwhelming decoration for
the broetchens.

Also to mention Thomas Zeiser, he sat down for nearly three days and did
the sales outside, with his special kind of humour, so that we had a
lot more fun during all the hours.

Then their were all the mom's , maybe also Dad's, and friends who
supplied us with fresh homebaked cakes.

A great deal in the success also came from our "Old Swimmers" , they
were there for "Fruehschoppen" and supported the club (as always ) !

I hope I did not forget to mention somebody, again thanks to all of you.
To the end a few figures : We made a win of nearly N$ 7500.., and we
have a basic stock of  sweets and drinks for the Aquapenthtlon  in 2 weeks!

So I hope everybody did enjoy the last week end , and you are all
heartely welcome for the next gala .

Best Regards

Gerda Roth