Oanob Open Water Swim - club swimmers

Dear swim coaches/managers

OTB Sport will be hosting the Oanob open water swim, for the third time on 1 March. In addition to the Oanob mile we have hosted the Jetty Mile in Swakopmund over the past 2 Decembers. Otb Sport are actively trying to grow open water swimming in Namibia. At present there are no other open water swimming events in the country.  

Turn out for the events has been good. We had over 100 swimmers at the Pupkewitz Jetty Mile in December. However what is continually puzzling is the low turn out from club swimmers. Of the 100 swimmers in the Jetty mile a handful were club swimmers.

In the effort to attract club swimmers for the Oanob Open Water Swim, we have allocated a large portion of the Oanob budget to cash prizes - N$10,000. (We are still in the process of securing sponsorship). For those swimmers who cannot get to the dam we will arrange transport. This year we have also moved the date forward to 1 March 2009, as the past date conflicted with a variety of sport events and German carnival.

It would be appreciated if clubs would support the event and encourage their members to partake, or let us know if there is a reason that club swimmers/coaches would not want to partake e.g. conflict in date, conflict with training schedule, lack of interest from swimmers in open water swimming etc. If there are issues it would be useful for us to understand them so that we can address them.

regards Yvonne

OTB Sport

Tel: 061 260 312 Fax: 061 260 322

Scheduled date: Sunday 1 March 2009

Venue: Oanob Dam

Distances: 2.1km 700m

Categories in both distances < 13 years male years 14-30 years male 31+ years male < 13 years female 14-30 years female 31+ years female

* There needs to be three or more competitors to make a category.